Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aries Child:Elizabeth Hurley Gave Up Film Carreer For Him

Elizabeth Hurley quit her film career for her six year old son Damian, whose father was billionaire Steve Bling whose paternity was ascertained four months after Damian's birth in London. Hurley has since married Indian businessman Arun Nyar.

Hugh Grant her former fiancee is Damian's godfather.
Astrodata Bank is the source of this child's birth data.
Damian Charles Hurley: Kiddie Star Wheel and Kiddiegram .

Hurley was born June 10, 1965, this Gemini Mom would have a great realtionship with her Aries son. Check out the Kiddiegram Parent/Child interactive for an Air Sign Parent with a Fire Sign Child!

If you have a child born on April 4, 2002 or are born on June 10, 1965
Mlle Kiddie is interested in doing your astral twin charts! with Damian and/or his Mom.

Contact us, and receive a free adult Astrogram or Kiddiegram report sent priority mail to you when you share your birth data. This offer will not expire, but please mention the date of this post when answering!
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