Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Capricorn Mel Gibson: Expecting Eighth Kiddie

Mel Gibson has seven children with wife Robyn . The oldest, a daughter Hannah was born in 1980. He also has six sons, the youngest is ten. Twins Edward and Christian were born in 1982, William in 1985 and Louis in 1988, Milo was born in 1990 and Thomas in 1999 .

His wife filed for divorce April 13 of this year after three years of separation. Their youngest son turned 10 on April 14th.

It was announced yesterday that his girlfriend is in her second trimester, and that they are expecting a child together. Gibson has told his family the news. Malibu neighbors are saying that his kids are not talking with him. Most of Gibson's kids are now adults but Thomas is still at home.

(photo credit of Tom and Gibson Noel Valesquez: Getty Images)

Gibson is a grandfather of two. His daughter has two children.

His girlfriend Russian singer Oksana Gregorieva has a twelve year old son Alexander Peter Dalton (August 7, 1997) with former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton.

Since we don't have precise enough birth data or place of birth for any of the kids in Gibson's life, we are doing a Kiddiegram report for Gibson. Birth Data from Astrotheme

Here's Mel Gibson's Kiddiegram Report and Chart Wheel.
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