Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beach Baby, Matthew McConaughey' s Son, Levi

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Three weeks ago, McConaughey noted he hoped his son would be "a little cooler than me" His beach baby Levi certainly makes a cool entrance to life al fresco. With a Dad wedded to the beach so maybe his parents (engaged when Levi was born) will marry on the beach.
Why are we not suprised that water is important to this merry family.
Levi's Celebrity Baby chart wheel reveals he has a Sun and Venus in the water sign of Cancer. Here's a little tidbit on Venus the planet of love in Levi's Kiddiegram.
Venus in Cancer
A warm home, loving family relationships, and emotional closeness are extremely important to Levi. When he feels secure and loved, he is one of the most caring, sympathetic, and emotionally supportive children you could imagine. But, he will cling and be very possessive or jealous if he does not feel truly loved. He is inclined to have a few close friends that he cherishes rather than a lot of acquaintances.
Venus in the Seventh House
This child will never lack love, affection, friends, or companions. He has an appealing warmth that melts hearts. He will often play the role of mediator, peacemaker or harmonizer. He especially delights in seeing love expressed between his parents and other adult couples in his life. (photo source)

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