Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sagittarius Dad ; Maddox and Pax do Star Trek

Last Saturday, Sagittarius Dad, Brad Pitt took sons Maddox and Pax to a Long Island movie theatre to see a 10:30 am showing of Star Trek before jetting off to Cannes.
Pictures of the boys with their Dad are on Just Jared.
Pitt arrived in Cannes on Saturday and on Tuesday he and partner Angelina Jolie gave a sit down dinner for sixty. The diners included the cast and crew of Pitt's movie premiering at Cannes. The group enjoyed pasta with crayfish,linguine with truffles and spaghetti with clams and pasta with sausage and garlic.

Wednesday was the premiere of the film, Inglorious Bastards.
Perhaps it's his free wheeling, travel loving Sag sun coupled with his efficient Moon in Capricorn that allows him to see Star Trek and then turn right around quite literally Trek to the Star studded city of Cannes .

Leo son, Maddox (August 4, 2001) and Sagittarius son Pax (Nov 29, 2003) are lucky to have a Dad who wanted to make sure that they saw Star Trek with him and not the nannies that must work very hard to help these film stars manage their brood. Both boys have Moon's in Aquarius.

If you have children that are astral twins of Maddox or Pax, let Mademoiselle Kiddie know and she will send you a printed Kiddiegram Report for your child. Contact her through Kiddiegram. This order will never expire, but you will need to tell us the date of the post.
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