Sunday, October 09, 2011

Suri Surely an Actress?

This summer, Katie Holmes told InStyle magazine that she thinks Suri will be an actress!

"She's an amazing athlete, singer and dancer, and I think she'll probably be an actress."

Of course, mom couldn't be biased about her daughter's talents, surely! But while many celebrity moms worry about their kids in the business, I guess the business has been good enough to Katie that she wouldn't mind it for her daughter. She's certainly got acting in her blood, but will she really be an actress?

Actors and actresses come with charts of all kinds, but it's not surprising or uncommon to find a Piscean and/or Neptunean influence. This planet and sign create fluidity in a personality, making it easier to become a chameleon. Like water filling a glass, a bucket, or a bowl, it takes on the shape of its container, just like an actor might with a role.

Suri has Neptune very close to her Ascendant. Any planet close to the Ascendant often colors the overall personality, style, and appearance of that person. Someone with Mars close to the Ascendant might be very driven or aggressive, for instance, while someone with Uranus close to the Ascendant will certainly stand out in a crowd, dressing and acting in a way that sets them apart from the norm. So Neptune, the planet of the shifter, the chameleon, often makes the person seem like a bit of an enigma. She may reflect the moods and expectations of those looking at her (can you say Quantum Astrology?!), which can be great for an actress, although challenging sometimes in real life.

Suri would probably be able to take on the different identities of her roles rather easily. And she certainly already has the wardrobe changes down pat!

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