Thursday, October 06, 2011

Haven's 'Haven'

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren welcomed their second daughter, Haven Garner, just shy of two months ago. Jessica shows off her new baby in People, where the couple talked about the inspiration for Haven's name.

Haven was born in the caul, which means she was delivered inside the amniotic sac. Because she was "born in her safe haven," as dad Cash put it, they chose Haven.

Haven was born while Mars was in the sign of Cancer, so she'll definitely appreciate a safe haven. Perhaps that's why she decided to try and bring hers with her! But this little one was born with three planets in Leo, a sign of dynamic self-expression, and not one to hide their light under a bushel (or a haven, as it were). She was also born during a full moon.

The full moon, occurring when the moon is farthest away from the sun as depicted in an astrological chart, is fully illuminated and therefore bright and visible for all to see. These souls are often moved to extend themselves out into the world, whether it's socially, professionally, creatively, etc. Haven is not likely to stay in a safe haven for long, as she's going to have great gifts to share with us all!

Image of Alba and Warren is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Ashley Cooper
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