Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hattie Margaret: And Baby Makes Three!

Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, welcomed baby girl Hattie early Monday morning, which they announced via Twitter!

Hattie joins the ranks of Libra celebri-tots, and she's in fine company indeed! With three planets in Libra, including her Sun, as well as a Libra ascendant, she's sure to be a sweetheart. Libra knows how to charm and is often quite considerate of others, teaching us all politeness and sharing from a very early age (which some adults don't even know how to do, frankly!)

But don't be too quick to think she'll be a pushover. That volatile Aries Moon is made doubly so parked right next to feisty and rebellious Uranus! She'll certainly let her mom know how she feels in no uncertain terms, because Aries isn't meant to hold back and Uranus makes sure it's voice is heard.

Looks like Hattie entered the world already bearing a courageous heart in a sweet package.

Welcome, Hattie!

Image courtesy of Tori Spelling
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