Tuesday, October 25, 2011

French First Baby Giulia Sarkozy

Ooo la la! French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gave birth to a baby girl, Giulia, on October 19th.

A graceful Libra with a sweet-hearted Cancer Moon, this is a little girl her country is sure to adore! The moon, in its own sign of Cancer and in its most comfortable 4th house of home and family, has a lot of power in Giulia's chart. The 4th house is not always just about one's personal home and family and the allegiance and loyalty of one's clan, but also on that larger scale of a love for the land, people, and country of one's native birth. Mlle. Kiddie can certainly see how this little one could truly be the people's darling if they so choose, and Giulia will also likely possess the classic Libran social graces and elegance that can become polished with someone raised in the political public eye.

Giulia is not one to rest on titles and privilege, however. With four planets in her 6th house of work and service, she is going to inherently have a sense of fulfillment from offering what she can give, and not be afraid to roll up her designer sleeves. Saturn, the planet of duty and responsibility, lies in this house of work, and is close to her Sun, a planet of identity. Giulia will identify strongly as a person who accepts responsibility easily (sometimes too easily) and steps up to the plate. With her Taurus Ascendant, she will likely have a down-to-earth demeanor, coming across as sincere and accessible.

Her south node is in the 2nd house of resources, indicating that she can be quite a resourceful person as well. In Gemini, one of her best resources might be her voice. It's quite possible she may be a gifted singer, or find some other outlet for her natural talent, but it's also likely that she'll have a strong gift of persuasion. Mercury, the planet of the voice is close to Venus, which represents how we connect to and charm others. With Venus and Mercury in the sign of Scorpio, her penetrating insight will be quite apparent, and she'll often know just what needs to be said (and not said), especially as she gets older.

Welcome, Giulia!

Image licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Used with permission. Author: Remi Jouan
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