Friday, October 14, 2011

Bieber Babies?

In a recent interview, pop star Justin Bieber talked about wanting to be a young dad (25 or so) and his 'traditional values':
"I know we are living in a modern world, but there is a nice way to do things. I am very traditional in that sense. I want the wedding and then I want the kids after that."

With his Taurus south node right on the cusp of the 7th house of partnership and his relationship-oriented Moon in Libra, Justin feels comfortable in relationships and easily gains a sense of stability from them, something that he no doubt enjoys with girlfriend Selena Gomez, as he hinted on future plans to marry her. With Venus, the planet of love, in the 4th house of family, and in the romantic sign of Pisces, it's no wonder he wants the fairy tale!

But Justin will probably learn as he grows that he is not as traditional as he might think. Hopeless romantic? Bien sur (of course)! But with an accommodating Libra Moon square the rebel planet Uranus, he'll be learning some important lessons about forging your own identity, even if it puts a strain on relationships that seem ideal when you're 17! His Mars and Mercury in Aquarius will also ensure many eye-opening experiences that help him discover his individuality, something challenging to do when you're a young celebrity, no doubt.

But ahh, young love!
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