Friday, July 29, 2011

Honor Marie Excited to Be New Mom

Apparently, Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor, has decided to start her own family at the tender age of 3. Jessica visited Jay Leno at The Tonight Show and said that her daughter is excited about being a big sister but has decided that “she’s going to actually be the mommy" and mom will be the grandma. When asked by a friend of Jessica's if she was excited about being a big sister, Honor replied, "Yeah, because I’m going to be a grown-up. I’m going to drink vino and drive."

Don't laugh, mom! Honor has Capricorn Rising, so she takes growing up quite seriously. From Honor's Kiddiegram:
Capricorn Ascendant
"Honor wants to know how the real, adult world operates, and she may appear more mature and also more serious and watchful than one might expect of a young person. She likes to be given responsibilities, taken seriously, and treated like a capable person in her own right."
She's also got Jupiter in Capricorn very close to her Ascendant, so she will not only want to take on big responsibilities to prove herself, but she'll be quite confident she can do it! Jupiter Rising people tend to lead with confidence and optimism. Jupiter in Capricorn is a great astrological ally: realistic enough to carry through on one's plans, but optimistic enough to dream big. Maybe not big enough to be a mommy at 3 years old, but a responsible big sister? Absolutely!

Image of Alba & Warren is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, credit: Ashley Cooper
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