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Parenting with Astrology: Tiny Bull in a China Shop

Amy Herring has been a professional astrologer for 15 years and a proud mother for 6 of those years. She has joyfully accepted Mlle. Kiddie’s gracious offer to share her thoughts once a month here at Kiddie Star Signs. To find out more about Amy and her personal readings for parents and children, visit her website at http://heavenlytruth.com.

Money and fame don’t solve every problem. Celebrity moms have their hopes and worries for their children too. However, Mlle. Kiddie would like to offer ‘everyday’ moms a chance to see astrology put into action to answer their parenting questions. After all, famous or not, you’re the world to your kids! If you’ve got a question about your child that you’d like Amy to answer, send your questions any time to amy@heavenlytruth.com.

Marla writes:
My daughter Angela is a pretty happy and enthusiastic child, but can be overbearing and hyper. Sometimes it seems like she's the 'bull in a china shop.' She also seems to burn hot and fast all day, just go go go, and then just crash out when she finally falls asleep at night. I'm wondering if this is just because she's so young or if this is part of her personality?

Amy answers:
I first note the fact that Angela's got three planets in Gemini, which can tend to be a rather active sign, especially in children, who live in a world where there is so much to see and do and learn at a rapid rate. It can be a frenetic kind of energy sometimes, like she's going every direction at once.

One thing that could be enhancing it is the planet Neptune right on her Aquarius Ascendant. The Ascendant is where we take in the energy of the world on a moment to moment basis, interacting with our surroundings on an instinctual basis, so it's a sort of gateway to the world at large. Neptune is a planet that is very highly attuned and sensitive, so having it right at this 'gateway' for her heightens her sensitivity to sights, sounds, impressions, and just general raw data she's receiving every minute. It's rather like being overstimulated because one is so sensitive, even if others in the same situation don't feel overwhelmed.

Watch closely to see how she reacts in situations that are loud, crazy, crowded, or with a lot going on. Some children (and adults) shut down in situations like this and avoid them. Even if she doesn't do this in an obvious way (crying or hiding), the symptoms of overwhelm may still be present, such as a lack of ability to concentrate, or absorbing the energy around her and then going from active to overly hyper in the blink of an eye as if the energy she absorbed has filled her up and needs to exit somehow. These might be good times to see if you can remove her from the situation and get a little more quiet so she can focus and calm down. She's got her Moon in Taurus, so she has a real emotional need for a sense of stability and calm, which can make it even more important to be aware when she's overstimulated, and might also explain why she seems to 'burn out and crash' rather than simply relax and fall asleep.

It's likely that with that Taurus Moon, and Mars in Cancer, she will mellow out a bit as she gets older. She's got her south node in Scorpio, which is a very intense energy, and she's working toward her north node in Taurus, which is a more calming, stable energy. She'll probably always have a bit of an eccentric side, which most will probably find quite charming, but as she gets older she can learn to channel the energy she absorbs rather than have it overwhelm her, learning to stabilize herself. Until then, as her parent, you can help her by providing stability, calming exercises, and awareness of her needs.

Would you like some input on how to understand and nurture your child in the most effective way for their unique needs? Amy offers readings for parents and children; find out more at her website.
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