Sunday, July 31, 2011

Selma Blair Gives Birth to a Saint

Selma Blair and her husband, Jason Bleick, welcomed son Arthur Saint last Monday, the 25th of July. No birth time was publicly announced, so whether this new little boy joining the ranks of Leo Suns has a Taurus Moon or a Gemini Moon, Mlle. Kiddie can't be sure, but one thing is for sure, he'll be sounding off right from the start with his Mars and his South Node close together in Gemini!

From Arthur's Kiddiegram:
Mars in Gemini:
Arthur Saint is a busy bee, always active, restless, and on-the-go, but he tends to lack concentration and stamina. He tends to run on nervous energy. He uses cleverness, words, and reasoning power to defend himself rather than force.
The South Node tends to show up right away in children, sometimes even before they display the traits of their sun signs, so he may appear very "Geminian" early in his life--wanting lots of stimulus, probably talking and reading very early, as well as walking early (an extra curious kid needs to get around and see the world, don't ya know!), as well as possibly not sleeping as much as some kids (sorry mom and dad!) Gemini is very active and restless energy, so they may not get too lucky with Arthur sleeping through the night. Here's hoping he was born earlier in the day with a Taurus Moon, so mom and dad can sleep here and there!

Congrats to the new family!

Photo of Selma Blair used under the Creative CommonsAttribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: LGEPR
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