Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harper Seven Crashes the Beckham Boys' Club

Victoria and David Beckham became parents for the 4th time on July 10th, when baby girl Harper Seven, crashed the Beckham Boys' Club, long established with the birth of three boys in a row: Pisces Brooklyn Joseph (12), Virgo Romeo James (8), and Pisces Cruz David (5).

While mom Victoria has always been a fan of the name Harper, the baby's middle name, Seven, is significant for several reasons. Not only is it dad's jersey number, but Harper was born in the 7th hour of the day on the 7th day of the week and the 7th month of the year. It may also be spiritually significant to the couple, who participate in the Kabbalah movement, which says that 7 is a number of wholeness and completion. Perhaps with the birth of a daughter, they finally feel their family is complete!

Harper's chart is known as a Splash chart pattern, because of the wide distribution of planets all over the chart, which suggests a well-rounded personality with diverse interests, although it can indicate someone who's energies can be scattered in as many directions as their interests!

It's likely that this little girl is going to be very bright, talkative, and have excellent powers of observation. She has the planet Mercury, which represents learning, communication, and observation, right on her Ascendant, so it's the planet she 'leads' with in life. In Leo, she can be quite charming, so she may be able to talk others around her little finger!

She also has her south node in Gemini in the 11th house, indicating that what comes naturally to her (south node) is observations about the world at large, and a natural way of investigating everything she can. Mars is also in Gemini in the 11th house, revealing a strong motivation (Mars) to satisfy her curiosity about the world (11th house). She won't be satisfied with her small little corner of the world for long, so it's a good thing she's been born into a family where she doesn't lack for travel opportunities.

This little one's curiosity will know no bounds, and she'll likely be into everything--the cupboards, mom's purse, whatever she can get her hands on. It's likely she'll crawl and walk early if she can manage it, since satisfying curiosity is much more possible when you can move. With that insightful Moon in Scorpio in the mix, nothing will escape Harper's awareness for long. This girl Seven has a 'sixth sense!'

Photo used with permission under the GNU Free Documentation License via Wikipedia
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