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Mommy Styles: Moon Signs and Mothering

There's lots of new (and 'renewed') moms in Hollywood this summer! Victoria Beckham had baby girl Harper Seven, Kate Hudson welcomed Bingham Hawn, Pink has a brand new love, Willow Sage, and Alicia Silverstone had her baby Bear Blu, to mention only a few. When it comes to being a mom, everyone has lots of advice to give, but the bottom line tends to be "do what you think is best" by relying on your natural mothering instincts.

Astrology knows the mothering instinct is primarily governed by Moon. The Moon in a mom's chart represents their style of nurturing and protecting their little ones. Here's a look at each of these Hollywood mom's styles according to their moon signs:

Victoria Beckham
Mom to 3 boys and new baby girl Harper Seven

Aquarius Moon

An Aquarius Moon mommy's primary goal is to discover and foster their child's individuality. They don't tend to be too overprotective or overbearing, preferring to take a more hands-off stance and let their child find out what works for them, with guidance, of course. Being an air sign, Aquarius Moon mommies will encourage their child to communicate, learn, and be objective. Victoria has already been known to encourage her children to be aware of others, especially those less fortunate than them, a common Aquarian trait. Harper's moon is in Scorpio, so she may may be a little more emotional and intense than mom.
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Alicia Silverstone
Mom to new baby boy Bear Blu
Pisces Moon

A Pisces Moon mommy has a big heart, and wants to pour out the love on her little one. Emotional bonding and sensitivity is high on their list, which can make mommy and baby extremely close. Techniques such as attachment parenting might be something a Pisces Moon mom would like, which is a technique that focuses on developing a child's sense of empathy and fostering a close child-parent bond. Alicia will be highly sensitive to the emotional needs of Bear. Bear has a Gemini Moon, so he'll love that nurturing but will want lots of room to explore his curiosity and less likely to be as tenderhearted as mom.
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Mom to new baby girl Willow Sage

Aries Moon

An Aries Moon mommy will encourage her child to explore and try new things. Not likely to be too overprotective, Aries Moon moms know that life is messy and they don't try to keep their children from making messes and living life to the fullest. Pink will likely enjoy a very active life with Willow. Aries Moon moms also tend to like playful teasing, nicknames, and physical play like tickle fights. They are not likely too be too gushy or sentimental, sometimes more of a fan of tough love, but nurture their children with affection and loyalty. Willow has a Gemini Moon, so she'll probably appreciate mom giving her lots of leeway to allow her curiosity to get her into creative trouble!
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Kate Hudson Mom to new baby boy Bingham Hawn Capricorn Moon
A Capricorn Moon mommy really likes to keep their eye on the ball and takes the responsibility of raising their children seriously. Capricorn likes to see achievement and wants to help their child gain maturity through taking on their own responsibilities and moving them toward independence. Capricorn Moon moms may be a fan of tools like responsibility charts and award/allowance systems to help their child grow. Kate may seem rather laid back on the outside (she's got cheerful Jupiter parked on her Ascendant, signifying an overall optimistic and laid-back outlook on life), but she'll want to make sure her kids are well-equipped to grow into responsible adults. Bingham's Moon lies in Scorpio so he'll probably be more focused on his feeling experience rather than just what's practical or efficient.
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