Friday, June 04, 2010

Sheryl Brings Home Another Crow: Levi James!

Sheryl Crow announced today that she adopted another baby boy, Levi James, born April 30th, to join brother Wyatt Steven, 3 years old. Mlle. Kiddie does not know Levi's time or place of birth, but much can still be seen about Levi's developing personality. 

Mom Sheryl clearly loves Taurus, because both boys have birthdays just a day apart, and both are Taurus Suns. Sheryl also has her moon in Taurus. Taurus has a laid back attitude toward life, loving to take it slow and enjoy the simple things. They can be be pretty cuddly too! More about Taurus from Levi's Kiddiegram:
He has a great fondness for beautiful things and for comfort, and he has a pleasure-loving side which borders on laziness at times. A love of nature is also very strong within him, and he is more suited to the natural rhythms of country life than to an urban environment. Tending a garden or building with natural materials would be very satisfying to him. He is also a warmly loving child, and he needs a lot of touching, holding, and affection, which he will return to you in abundance.
His Moon is in Sagittarius which will balance the Taurean sense of comfort and 'the known' as Sagittarius enjoys the adventure of the unknown. Between the two, he might doubly enjoy being out in nature, because not only is it beautiful, there's also room for exploring. His mom seems pretty down to earth as well (with her Taurus Moon) so family hikes could make for some good bonding.

Brother Wyatt's chart is more focused in Pisces and Libra, so Wyatt may have more of a gentle tone to his personality than Levi and tend to take things more to heart than Levi. But big brother Wyatt has Jupiter in the same sign as Levi's Moon, so if Levi will let him, Wyatt will enjoy encouraging and teaching his brother the ways of their world.

Congratulations to Sheryl and her family!
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