Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day: Matthew & Levi McConaughey

In celebration of Father's Day, Mlle. Kiddie looks at daddy-kiddo relationships this month.

Matthew & Levi
Matthew and Levi both share their Moon in the sign of Virgo, so they will both share the internal desire to feel like they are always doing their best. Virgo is often called a perfectionist, because they like things just so and can be picky, but perfectionism for a Virgo Moon is about a constant awareness that they are striving to get better and better as each day passes. They tend to set high standards for themselves and can be hard on themselves if they fall short of those standards.

As a child, a strong Virgo influence usually presents itself as a deep desire to be helpful and useful. Levi probably really enjoys taking care of his loved ones with his tender and nurturing Cancer Sun, and is likely to demonstrate his love and desire to nurture others through helping: whether it's helping mom clean up or helping dad with a project. Levi also has Mars and Saturn together in Virgo along with his Moon, so his desire to feel successful in his helping and to feel like he's doing it right when he does help is going to be especially strong. This can encourage him to strive for excellence, but it must be handled delicately in order for him to not feel excessive shame or guilt when he tries something and is not immediately successful at it, for he may look at that as failing and a flaw in himself.

Matthew's south node is also in Virgo, so he knows this kind of issue well. He is working on learning compassion, forgiveness, and a little more go with the flow with his Pisces North Node, and in learning to be gentle and encouraging with his son Levi, he will probably learn a lot about compassion and forgiveness for himself in not being the perfect person or the perfect dad.

Matthew's Venus and Jupiter are very close together in the sign of Libra, which can make him a great person to be able to encourage others and cheer just about anyone up when they are feeling down and discouraged, so he'll do a great job for Levi in that respect. Levi has Sagittarius Rising, so he'll be learning to approach the world from the perspective of an easygoing adventure, which will be good perspective for his Virgoan desire to do things exactly right and instead remember just to be try his best and enjoy the rest.

Happy Father's Day Matthew!

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