Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome Harper Renn Smith (Thiessen)

Tiffani Amber Thiessen and her husband Brady Smith welcomed their first child, Harper Renn Smith, on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles.

Mlle. Kiddie does not have her exact birth time, but deduced that is was in the earlier morning due to the time of reporting. Harper has a Gemini Sun and Leo Moon, both signatures that she has come to playfully explore her world. Gemini is the sign of the twins, because one set of eyes is simply not enough to see everything there is to see! As she grows up, her curiosity will probably have her getting into everything, twice as much!

Harper will desire a lot of close attention from her mother with that Leo Moon, but will give it right back. Her smile is likely to be so bright that her entire face will seem to shine, lighting up everything around her. A Leo Moon baby can't help but engage you and make you want to play with them. Harper also has Venus right next to her moon, which amplifies the friendliness and charm of her Leo Moon. Here's more from her Kiddiegram Report:

Moon in Leo
"Notice me!  Love me!  Tell me I'm wonderful!" may well be the underlying message of much of her behavior. She simply suffers if her specialness, her uniqueness, and her abilities are not noticed and appreciated. If she is given any encouragement at all, she will do her utmost to stand out, to be the best. She has a deep inner sense of nobility and pride and she very much needs respect, as well as the love and affection all children require. (Never ridicule or make fun of her, especially in public.)  Given plenty of praise and love, no child will be more devoted, adoring, wholeheartedly loving, and affectionate than she is.

Moon Conjunct Venus:
Harper Renn has a very loving, sweet disposition, and she needs a lot of affection and sympathetic understanding from her loved ones. She is soft-hearted, nurturing, and protective toward other children, pets, and her family. Her relationship with her mother is likely to be especially close. Warm family ties and the shelter of a loving home will always be important to her, and she is likely to be the peacemaker in her home.
Mom Tiffani has a wealth of planets in Aquarius including Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Like Harper, she also has Venus prominently placed in her chart, close to her Sun and Moon. Since Harper has a Cancer South Node, she might have a tendency toward clinginess or insecurity, since the South Node can represent some of its sign's excessive traits that it needs to bring out of the extreme and into balance. Harper has a Leo Moon and Gemini Sun to help her out of her shell and gain some self-confidence, and Mom Tiffani, with all her Aquarius, will help her learn how to accept herself for who she is by her own example.

Congrats to the lucky couple!
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