Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Photos of Heidi and Seal's Little Libra Lou

First photos of Heidi Klum and Seal Samuel's daughter Lou are up on Heidi's website.

The correct time of the lovely little Libra is also given. Lou Sulola was born at 7:46 pm and not the earlier time of one am first noted in the press.

Born with the Sun in the sign of Libra, with a Taurus rising
ascendant sign and a Moon in Cancer, Lou has a nice balance of earth,
air and water energies in her chart. To check out your child's basic element balance, calculate a mini-chart wheel
and Sun, Moon and Rising chart report on Kiddiegram for free.

Mlle Kiddie notes about Lou's Moon placement (from her Kiddiegram report) that her Moon is in the second house. Since her Moon is in the sign of Cancer, she'll feel that her Mom is very nurturing and caring. They share a mutual
air energy in their Sun Signs (Heidi is Gemini). To check
out their compatibility go to our Parent/Child Interactive
kiosk and enter in Gemini Mom with a Libra child.

Moon in the Second House
Favorite possessions and familiar things--quilts, toys, and so on--enhance Lou's sense of security. Long after she's stopped using them, she'll want to keep them because of all the emotional energy she's invested in them. She can become a pack-rat, and her living space may become cluttered with cherished items she's loathe to discard. For the most part this harmless quirk should be indulged. However, she should perhaps be discouraged from displacing emotional needs onto material items (like an unhappy person who buys a new hat to cheer herself up). A trip to the toy store should not become her response to all of life's woes!

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