Friday, November 13, 2009

Daughter and Father Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight reunite

Although their relationship had been strained for some time, especially beginning in 2001, in August of 2002 Angelina Jolie announced she had stopped actively participating in a relationship with her father Jon Voight. This appeared to be for multiple reasons but Angelina announced it shortly after her father begged her to get help for her 'serious mental problems' in a public interview. Jon recently confirmed that Angelina had initiated contact with him in February 2009 and they have been tentatively speaking again.

While many astrological factors can reveal the timeliness of this reunion, the tale of the progressed moon reveals the underlying emotional cycles that prompted Angelina to cut her father off as well as reconcile with him. In 2001 and 2002, Angelina's progressed moon entered and traveled through Aries - contacting her own Mars and Moon, which indicates Angelina's emotional readiness to defend what she perceived as attacks at that time, and defend herself against anything she'd been tired of putting up with. With her Moon and Mars in Aries, she is naturally loyal (Mars in Aries) to those she loves and trusts (Moon), but will defend herself (Mars) immediately and without hesitation the moment her trust feels violated. The progressed moon spends about 2 years in a sign and represents what emotional lessons you are currently learning, including the way you need to nurture and protect yourself at different times in your life. Because she had just adopted a son, her protective mother bear instincts likely added to her feeling the need to protect herself.

Fast forward to February of this year, and her progressed moon had recently entered Cancer, shifting the emphasis of her emotional needs from feeling the feistiness of the power of one's own will to the feeling of connection with those whom one calls family. Her progressed moon is also going through her 12th house, indicating (among other things) a period of time where she'll be sorting through what's really important to her and letting go of things that have run their course, which is often prompted by a return to the past to 'sift' through those memories and experiences in preparation to carry what's important forward into the future.

Jon has a trine from Mercury in Sagittarius to his Aries Ascendant. Both are fire signs, and fire signs are known for their directness. Here's hoping Jon can refrain from putting his foot in his mouth too often in public interviews, and here's hoping Angie can learn to forgive him when he does!
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