Friday, November 06, 2009

Sag Dad Brad Pitt May Get New Bike, Not a New Tyke

Sagittarius Dad Brad Pitt is promoting Inglorious Bastards in Japan and also shopping for a new bike. One of his favorite motorcycles was damaged last month when he clipped a parked car after being cut off by another driver. Pitt has mentioned that he will be using his time in Japan to look for a new bike.

For picture of Brad on one of his motorcycles and the story of the October incident, check out

He was wearing a helmet.

With six kids he wants to model good driving Karma (Carma!).

Perhaps he will pick up a futuristic motorcycle or even begin getting motor scooters for the family to try as they grow up.

Every time one of the Jolie-Pitts visits a new country, new speculation rachets up about the next child they might adopt. This time the transaction will be for a bike and not a tyke!

icare motorcyle image from bikerboyz electric scooter photo from MCN

Mlle Kiddie decided to look at Pitt's Kiddiegram.

This traveling Sadge with a Sagittarius rising sign as well has a Sun in the first house:

Sun in the First House

Brad is rather charismatic, and he makes a strong impact and first impression on others. Most of the time he radiates such a strong sense of himself that other children--and even adults!--follow his lead. He cannot abide being "second fiddle" for long in any situation, and will go his own way rather than put up with neglect or insufficient recognition.

Do you have a child with a Sun in the first house? Check out their Kiddiegram or if you can read a chart wheel, calculate a free chart wheel and mini report on

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