Tuesday, November 10, 2009

John Travolta 'overwhelmed by support' after son's death

In an interview with US Magazine, John Travolta says his family has been 'working very hard to heal' with the help of 'almost daily religious counseling' and the 'outpouring of love from, really, worldwide...'

Jett Travolta's Kiddiegram seems to reveal what a sweet and optimistic child he likely was. With Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter conjunct (in the same place as) his moon, he was probably a playful and generous spirit about him. He appears to have entered into this life with a strong desire to develop independence and an open-hearted attitude for adventure.

A Cancer south node in the 7th house emphasizes the presence of a tender and nurturing spirit, always focused on how he can show love for another. His gentle Mars in Pisces reflects that compassion and empathy, and several factors in his chart indicate the likelihood of a strong sensitivity to his environment, and a strong intuition. Some of these factors are Mars and Mercury in Pisces in the third house, Mercury square the Rising Sign, and Neptune in the first house. The Neptune and Pisces prominence in his chart are a reflection of a natural sensitivity. Multiple planets in the third house can often indicate a curious, talkative, and perceptive child, which at first glance can seem confusing, since Jett had autism, a condition not noted for talkativeness and perceptiveness. An astrological theory could be drawn that oversensitivity might cause a short circuit in this case.

Venus forms a square to Jett's north and south nodes, suggesting the importance of learning to relate to others (Venus rules relationships), another quality autistic children tend to have underdeveloped. However, the love and connection between Jett and his father, John, was observed by all who came in contact with them. No doubt deep communication was taking place between them even if not always in the form of the spoken word.

When comparing John and Jett's chart to each other, there are many connections, but one that stands out to Mlle Kiddie is Jett's Sun landing right between John's north and south nodes, suggesting that the essential personality of Jett had a huge impact on John's life lessons. John's north node is in Capricorn in his 6th house. John is learning to bring his love forward, down from the ideal of Cancer in the 12th house and into the practical and tangible ways we obligate ourselves to those we love. Perhaps Jett's autism made caring for him a little more intensive, and it is likely that effort that drew John deeper into love with his son.
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