Saturday, June 27, 2009

Virgo Dad: Who Are Those Masked Children?

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson was a Virgo Dad with a Moon in Pisces. His three children Aquarius son Prince , Aries daughter Paris Michael and Michael Jackson II ("Blanket") have lived a Howard Hughes type of existence, traveling from continent to continent often masked, and having adventures like going shopping in the middle of the night. Here they were snapped in a Las Vegas bookstore in the middle of one of their very normal nocturnal magical adventures.

Prince (Michael Joseph Jackson Jr) born February 13, 1997 and
Paris ( Michael Katherine Jackson) born April 3, 1998 are siblings. Their Mom, dermatologist nurse Deborah Rowe was married to Jackson and when they divorced she assigned custody to Jackson while she retained parental rights.

Michael Jackson II known to many as Blanket because of an incident in Berlin years ago, was born in February or March 2002 the surrogate Mom has never been identified. Currently the kids are with Jackson's Mom, Katherine, the family matriarch (the picture to the left from Today, was taken about a year ago) The MSNBC story on What Will Happen To Michael Jackson's Kids here.

"They are rarely seen in public, and when they are, it is usually with their faces masked or veiled. It is not clear who their biological father is, but they are Michael Jackson’s legal children. The question facing Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., known as Prince Michael, 12; Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11; and Prince Michael II (more commonly known as Blanket), 7, now is: Who will raise them to adulthood?" (MSNBC Parenting and Family)

Although many may question the paternity of these kids, there is no doubt that Jackson was their legal Dad and that his sudden death will affect them forever.
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