Monday, June 15, 2009

Gemini Dad: Ashlee Makes Birthday Video With Bronx

Gemini Dad, Pete Wentz turned thirty June 5th and his wife surprised him with "creative" home video of her playing with their son Bronx.

Then, Bronx's Libra Mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (October 3, 1984) turned around and gave his Dad the camera she made the video on as a gift.

Wentz told Just Jared:

“My wife gave me a pretty creative video, then she gave me the camera she made the video with which was cool"

Image Source: Visit Celeb Tots to see more photos of Bronx and read the story of the celebrity kids turning out for the Heroes Foundation Fundraiser.

Bronx will turn one on November 20th. That makes him a little Scorpio. although he's on the cusp. Click Here to see his Kiddie Star Signs Chart Wheel.

If you have a child born on November 20, 2008 he or she is the birthdaytwin of Bronx. Contact Lord Kiddie for a gift Kiddiegram report. (send birth information birthday date and year, exact time of birth (am or pm) and place of birth.

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