Friday, October 10, 2008

Motherhood Movie Reel and Real Life: Minnie Driver And Son Henry

One of our most referenced posts has been about Aquarius Minne Driver before she gave birth to a son,who we announced in a post Henry Story Driver in September. Here she is with her little Virgo born on September 5th who shares her Moon in Scorpio. The photo was posted to My Space for friends and family and fans to enjoy free of charge. Us Magazine reveals that she said no to taking big bucks for a celebrity magazine spread. Although in May before Henry's birth she admitted to the UK's Independent only this about the secret father. He's English and "sort of in the same business" At that time she also revealed that they had no plans to wed in the "near future."

Here in a mother who has a lot to confide in her son's little journal!

Driver's next movie appropriately is called Motherhood. The plot summary so far" A mother of two (Uma Thurman) has to overcome urban challenges while planning her daughter's sixth birthday party." Driver plays Thurman's best friend.These are two Mom's Mlle Kiddie really admires, so she's looking forward to seeing the movie filmed while Driver was pregnant.

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