Friday, October 17, 2008

Starlight Star Bright: Madonna & Guy Ritchie Say Good Night

" Starlight, Starbright, First Star I See Tonight" Everyone knows that most children's First Stars are their parents, whether they are stars or not. So it's always sad when these first lucky stars divorce or die. Madonna's kids have had their share of lucky and loss stars, despite the star studded firmament of their daily lives. Madonna's just announced a divorce from husband of seven and a half years director and filmmaker,Guy Ritchie. What about their children?
Lourdes turned twelve on October 14, her Dad , dancer Carlos Leon is in New York. Rocco, Madonna's son with Guy Ritchie is eight. His Dad lives in Britain. And David Banda is two and a half, Madonna and Guy adopted him when he was 13 months from Malawi. His birth father Yohane is in Malawi, although David was actually born September 24, 2005 in his grandparents mud hut in Zambia about six miles from Chimala Village where his Mom who died shortly after his birth was born.

"You must be my lucky star' Cause you make the darkness seem so far And when I'm lost you'll be my guide,I just turn around and you're by my side"

We've included in this post the celebrity star charts for Rocco (source) and Lourdes (source) May their joint parents arrange their busy schedules and lives across the oceans in ways that will allow them all the ability to hold on to the lucky star aspect of their children's love forever. We'll wait for further work on David's chart (born Sept 24, 2005 in Zambia, his sun is in Libra with a wide connection to a Jupiter in Libra, and a south node in Libra, and a mercury in Libra, his Venus is in Scorpio and his Moon is in Gemini. His north node is 14 degrees Aries.) We're including the info for those who wish to compare the Material Mom to her three children.

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