Sunday, October 26, 2008

"A Little Sean Penn" Born to Baby Mama Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler missed SNL last night . As Seth Meyer's broke the news to viewers by announcing her chair was empty because "she was having a baby" Actually, The baby, Archie was born early Saturday evening to Will Arnett and his Baby Mama Poehler, shown here at the Emmy's. When asked if they ever had a baby would it be the funniest child in the world the couple had said in a bonus feature of their DVD Blades of Glory

Poehler: We think we might have the most unfunniest child.
Arnett: We have always imagined that we'd have a Sean Penn-like child.
Poehler: A little baby Sean Penn.Arnett: Real brooding, Method-y actor.
Poehler: Smokin' all the time....I hope my baby doesn't smoke. I don't know what kind of baby we're gonna have. I really should get on this. ( source) :

They got their wish on a potential brooder, as Archie's sun sign is Scorpio as is his Mars. Mlle Kiddie notes that his Mars has three very postive aspects to Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. so she suspects he's gonna have a lotta fun with his double Taurus (Moon and Sun) Dad (May 5, 1970 Toronto time unknown)

Mars Trine Uranus:
Archie is daring, courageous, rambunctious, and full of energy and high spirits, and he can be a bit wild and reckless, also. He is willfully independent and dislikes conforming to schedules and routines. His vitality is strong.
Mars Sextile Jupiter:
Archie takes initiative and asserts himself easily. He has a sort of easy, natural confidence that he is inclined to take for granted, and he often succeeds at his aims without a struggle or putting too much energy into it. His health is likely to be very good, also.
Mars Sextile Saturn:
Archie has good concentration and the ability to persist until he reaches his goals. He is cautious about asserting his will or taking a new direction; but once he commits himself to a course of action, he works quietly and steadily. He does need moral support, though, as he is inclined to get bogged down and discouraged from time to time.

Sean Penn may play brooding types but he's an actor, with a Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer and a Sagittarius rising.(August 17, 1960 3:17 pm Burbank, CA) So the Arnetts don't have a Sean-Penn like child and do have a little Archie who's Moon is in Virgo if he's born in the early evening, which is a great sign to have if your Mom has a Sun in Virgo with a stacked chart of Virgo planets! (cf earlier post Happy Birthday Hillary, Oops Amy!) and until we know the time of his birth, we won't know his rising sign, but with a name like Archie and parents who are comics, we'd say it's in the sign of tons of fun.
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