Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Astro Twins: Brooke Shield's Grier and Katie Holmes's Suri

This photo is from Babyrazzi, of Brooke Shields and her daughters at a benefit in New York last Sunday in New York Brooke Shields and daughters Rowan and Grier were snapped in their costumes at the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation event. Rowan Francis Henchy.(May 15, 2003 Manhattan, NY ) Grier Hammond Henchy(born April 18, 2006 LA) same day as Suri Cruise.

Last year Rowan was obsessed with Hannah Montana at Halloween, this year it looks like she's gone the way of most five year olds and doggone it has gone with the Dalmatians! although now she's big on the Jonas brothers.
Suri's Dad Cruise had criticized Shields for her use of anti-depressants after her first child was born. Shields had the courage to write Down Came The Rain her journey through post partum depression. Her decision to write about this experience and by courageously addressing this issue, makes Mlle Kiddie wish that the Shields-Henchy family continue to be showered with good fortune. Shields subsequently made up with Cruise. Or I guess it was really Cruise ultimately made up with Shields. Go Mommy Cat! we admire people who can forgive and sit down with guys who haven't given birth. Not for nothing, were your daughters born on the same day in the same hospital. Even Tom Cruise must have understood the power of synchronicity and honesty, he couldn't be an emissary for post partum depression and "TomKat's" daughter would be going to the same very small Hollywood Birthday parties with Shields daughters!

Mlle Kiddie doesn't have an exAdd Imageact time for Grier. Her astro-twin Suri Cruise and she share similar aspects but definitely looking at them they have a lot of differences in their chart wheels. If Grier is born later in the day her Moon will not be in Sagittarius as is Suri's but in Capricorn. And if this late moon is in evidence, Grier will also have a north node exactly conjunct her Mercury in Aries. Since we dont have precise birth times for Shield's daughters, we are doing Brooke Shield's Kiddie Star Sign Wheel & Kiddiegram Report as she was a child star in Blue Lagoon.
Family Photo on Red Carpet of Horton Hears a Who: Source
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