Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrity Kids and Their Famous Parents Transits: Lourdes Leon Madonna's Daughter

Insufficiently informed people (whether skeptics or fans) who think President Reagan landed Air Force One on the strength of his Town and Country Horoscope, should know and can check it out through the blogs and few astrology links that Mlle Kiddie has on her blog that there is Sirius/serious astrology for grownups (and yes, although Elsa Elsa is the most cosmic, generous and wide ranging with her Astrodispatch, there are many other fine sites out there that astrologically hip folks like Elsa P. help to let us know about. Occasionally we will link to these 'real-life" astrology blogs like Astrorevolution when we discuss a child's celebrity parents. As their "transits" and the way they have lived their life given their chart potential definitely impact their kids life.

For example Lourdes, shown here with her biological Dad, dancer Carlos Leon (July 10, 1966 Cuba) had been asking her Mom last summer if she could live with him in New York. Now with the pending divorce of Madonna and Guy Ritchie she may see more of him. Lourdes birthday was October 14, 1996." Lola" as she's called , not surprisingly wants to be a dancer. Her Sun is in Libra. Her North Node in Libra is conjunct her Mercury in Libra. her Moon is in Scorpio. We are hoping that Pat Taglilatelo of Astro Data Bank can share Lourdes info with her so we can have her chart wheel in the Kiddiegram Star Bureau. Her boss owns an early copy of Astro Data Bank Software but the computer it was installed on was stolen! and being a Sag, well of course she has no idea which city the original software is in.

Mlle Kiddie, being French is very partial to French astrologers. Particularly French astrologers who write in English, so she highly recommends a French astrologer Claire Courts who lives in the UK has a three year old child and writes a really great blog, Astrorevolution. Mlle Kiddie has linked to her analysis of Madonna and Guy as an example of understanding how a birth chart evolves. A somber pas de deux please around that Saturn opposite their Virgo Stellium.

(photo of carlos leon and lourdes source left) (photo source lourdes with glasses right)

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