Thursday, May 07, 2009

Taurus Baby: Backstreet Boy Has Baby Boy

James Hoke Dorough was expected in June but arrived a month early, notes. His parents, Backstreet boy Howie Dorough ( August 22, 1973 Orlando Florida) and his wife Leigh named their son after the baby's paternal grandfather Hoke who died of cancer last year.

On the Backstreet Boys official site the announcement added

Both Mommy and baby are doing great and Howie D is an ecstatic new daddy. They’d like to thank everyone for their well wishes!!

Howie and Leigh met in late 2000 when she was hired by the band's management to manage their website. They married in 2007.

Mlle Kiddie has created James's Kiddie Star information:

James Hoke Dorough's Kiddiegram and Kiddie Star Chart

Mademoiselle Kiddie shares this little nugget from James "gram"

Venus in the Seventh House
This child will never lack love, affection, friends, or companions. He has an appealing warmth that melts hearts. He will often play the role of mediator, peacemaker or harmonizer. He especially delights in seeing love expressed between his parents and other adult couples in his life.

Do you have a child with Venus in the seventh house or like James, Venus in Aries? If you do, contact Kiddiegram.

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