Sunday, May 03, 2009

Leo and Gemini Kids: Touring Rock Star Parents

Gwen Stefani is has been in "baby mode" as she put it, but she and No Doubt hit the  Today show (videos here) to launch their  summer comeback concert last Friday. Her husband Gavin Rossdale (October 30,1965)  who began his tour in April will be bunking this summer with two year old Kingston, a Gemini who is traveling with his  Scorpio Dad while six month Zuma, a little Leo will be with his Mom. 

Check out the boys Kiddiegrams or 'Grams" and their Kiddie Star Celebrity Kids Chart Wheels below.
Kingston's Chart Wheel: Kingston's  "Gram"
Zuma's Chart Wheel: Zuma's "Gram"

If you have a child who is born on either Gavin or Zuma's birthday contact Mademoiselle Kiddie at Kiddiegram and give us the date, time (am or pm) place of birth and tell us if your Kiddie Star is a boy or girl, and Mlle Kiddie will send you a pdf file with very cool graphics or your child's complete Kiddiegram 'Gram"
The on-line versions, don't show these graphic enhancements!
So don't be shy, the offer will not expire. Send it to a friend if you know that their child is born on one of these rock babies birthdays!
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