Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aries Child: When Batman Is Your Dad

Aquarian Terminator Salvation star (January 30, 1974) Christian Bale met his Serbian -American wife Sandra "Sibi "Blazic (b. April 14, 1971) when he starred with Winnona Ryder in Little Women. At that point Sibi with a degree in Business Adminstration and a career as a model and movie director was Ryder's personal assistant.

In contrast to many celebrity couples, they live a low maintenance life style.

Although Blazic has been a model and appeared in Kevyn Aucoin's makeup book Face Forward the couple live in a one bedroom home, don't drive flashy cars, and Bale maintains "I do everything myself, I go to the supermarket myself, the hardware store." Bale's co-star on Terminator Salvation said it even looked like Bale doesn't even own a cell phone.

Their little Aries daughter Emmaline was born March 27th in 2005. She shares the same
Sun sign as her Mom. When your Dad is Batman, it helps to have a Sun, Venus, Mercury and North Node, in Aries.

Mlle Kiddie has found some of the birth information on Wikipedia but has produced a "guesstimate" chart as she does not have this little Aries powerhouse's birth time. If she was born before noon, her Moon is in Libra, if she was born after noon, her moon will be in the sign of Scorpio as this chart shows.

To find out the precise sign of your child's moon, on a day that the Moon sign changes, go to Kiddiegram's easy Mini-Chart spot and calculate a little report, you will need to have the exact time of your child's birth handy (am or pm).

If your child is born March 27, 2005, he or she is an astral twin of Emmaline.

Contact Mademoiselle Kiddie with a copy of your child's birth certificate (will remain private) and choose a little gift for your Aries son or daughter from our Kiddie Cafe Boutique.

If you don't have a birth certificate handy, and just email us your child's birth data without a verifying document, we'll be happy to send on a graphically enhanced PDF version of their Kiddiegram report.
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