Friday, November 12, 2010

Gosselin Kids' Growing Pains

People Magazine reported earlier today that two of the Gosselin sextuplets, Collin and Alexis, have been expelled from their private school and are being home taught for the time being, due to "greatly exaggerated reports of bullying and abuse" on their parts. While that can conjure up images of extreme violence in some fantastical minds, Mademoiselle Kiddie wishes not to jump to conclusions and supposes this expulsion could be due to something as simple as violating school rules repeatedly, for example. (especially in a private school that may be more strict). Either way, it has been said that the kids are 'acting out' as a result of difficulty coping with the divorce of their parents.

Mademoiselle Kiddie suspects Venus is behind this story.

When most astrologers, and even most people, think of Venus, they are drawn to the Greek myth of Aphrodite, who was known as the goddess of love and beauty. Astrologers think of Venus as the urge to create relationships based on harmony and similarity. So why would Venus be behind stirring up so much trouble?

Well, if you've ever read the old myths, you'll know that the gods and goddesses don't always behave and even like to stir up trouble with the humans! One such time of trouble can be when the planet that represents that god or goddess goes retrograde (appears to travel backward in the sky for a time), such trouble can often manifest. The planet Venus has been traveling backward through the sign of Scorpio (now briefly back into Libra).

Any time a planet is in retrograde, it is a time to REview and REpair issues that the planet represents. WithDuring the period that Venus is retrograde, we often see challenges in relationships of all kinds, whether it is old friends returning, or letting current relationships go, or dealing with what isn't working in a relationship in order to try and get it fixed. While Venus has been retrograding (since early October) people that have been feeling under-valued and under-appreciated by those around them have been more inclined to speak up about it and in Scorpio, that means in no-uncertain terms! They're not going to take it anymore. And that may be just the kind of issue surfacing with Collin and Alexis.

As Venus has been moving over Scorpio, it has been forming a square (a tense relationship) with their moon in Aquarius, which can push them to rebel (Aquarius) if they feel like their feelings (moon) are not being heard, understood, or valued (Venus). As it formed the square, it also forms a trine (a comfortable relationship) to Uranus and Mars, so Uranus and Mars behaviors are easier to express than the moon behaviors. Therefore, rebellion and disobedience (Uranus), as well as displays of aggression and assertion of one's own will and dominance (Mars in the 1st house) are most likely defense mechanisms for feeling like they don't have an outlet for their feelings. Addressing what's hurting, and especially what makes them feel like their freedoms and individuality are not being respected (which is one thing moon in Aquarius really wants), is a positive way to diffuse and re-direct the impulsive aggression.

Even though there is no report on the other four children being expelled, Mademoiselle Kiddie would not be surprised to find that similar behavior has been showing up in these children, even if it comes out in different situations, since they all share a chart and are all being triggered by Venus simultaneously.

Venus will begin moving forward again on November 19th, at which point she will, even though moving forward, trigger these sensitive spots again before leaving them for a significant length of time. Mademoiselle Kiddie guesses most of December may have these kids 'acting out' as they try to get their needs met.

On twins and more: While all six children have basically the same chart, not all kids respond identically to the same urges, as they all have free will to make their own choices as they interact with the environment, and some people think may even have different inclinations based on past lives where they were not part of sextuplets/identical charts!
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