Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Benjamin Travolta is born!

Welcome to Florida, Ben!

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston met their new little boy, Benjamin, on Tuesday night. The birth time is approximate, so Mademoiselle Kiddie has guessed 9 pm, which would give little Ben a Cancer Moon (reports say Ben was born in the evening). However, if he was born earlier than this (around 8 pm or before), he will have a Gemini Moon.

Ben has three planets in Sagittarius: his Sun, and a conjunction of Mercury and Mars in this sign, revealing that he'll soon develop a strong desire for learning and discovering new things in the world. The work of Sagittarius is to experience things for oneself and then come to one's own personal conclusions about what they think of the world, what meaning they make of everything and their own views of what life's about. To do that, he'll use his passion (Mars) for asking questions (Mercury).

This Sagittarius energy is in a strange contrast with his Cancer south node (and possible Moon in Cancer), which indicates an orientation less focused on the wildness and independence of adventure and more toward home, shelter, comfort, and loyalty to family and tradition. Cancer and Sagittarius are inconjunct each other, which means they don't relate easily to each other because they are so different. Part of him longs for expansion and freedom, but another part of him longs for containment and home. He'll be learning to balance both of these needs throughout his life.

With Venus in Libra caught in the interplay between south and north node, the relationships (Venus) he draws to himself will be pivotal in what he learns about the world and other viewpoints (Libra), and whether his relationships with others validate his inherited world view or in aid in questioning and developing his own. Encounters with people that have differing beliefs and experiences can open his world view and excite his mind with the possibilities.

A Moon in Gemini vs. Cancer would certainly tip the scales in different but interesting directions either way. With a Gemini moon, his quest for information and seeking truth wherever he finds it will be amplified and will support and press his already strong desire to seek answers with Mercury, Mars, and his Sun in Sagittarius. With a Cancer moon, his emotional needs will clash more easily with these aspects of his personality as he tries to stretch beyond himself but not lose himself and his heart in the process. With a Capricorn north node, he's working on his own sense of independence and wanting to be a grown up, so all his Sagittarius energy can be very useful for him. Sagittarius also has a light-hearted, energetic, and fun side that will definitely bring a bright light into the Travolta household.

Congratulations, Travoltas!

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