Sunday, November 07, 2010

Scorpio Ruby Maguire Turns 4!

Scorpio Ruby Maguire turns 4 on November 10th. Hopefully her parents aren't attempting a surprise birthday party this year! Scorpio isn't easily fooled, and Ruby could be called an X-Treme Scorpio, with 5 planets in this sign (that's half her chart!)

Her Mercury, the planet of the mind, information, and curiosity, is one of the five in Scorpio and it's followed closely by Mars, our planet of motivation and passion. This girl could probably make a living as one sharp detective if she so desires. She knows how to find clues and pick up on things that others think they're hiding successfully. She's also passionate about finding out secrets and uncovering truths. Better hide and double wrap the presents, mom and dad!

Unless she was born earlier in the morning, she's likely to have a Leo moon, so a party where she gets a chance to shine and express herself might be very enjoyable for her, but all that Scorpio can make that Leo moon pretty shy. A party at home with close friends is a sure winner.

Happy birthday, Ruby!

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