Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beckham's Boy Brooklyn: Budding Philanthropist

In a recent issue of Hello! Magazine, Victoria Beckham spoke about teaching their kids gratitude:
"The kids don't feel entitled at all. As a family, we do charity projects, 99% of which we're really quiet about. Brooklyn is starting to learn more about charities and is taking his responsibilities seriously as someone who is in the public eye. He really loves it and the boys all want to do what they can to help. We do it as a family and really enjoy it."
Brooklyn's Sun is in the sign of Pisces, a sign known for it's tendency toward empathy and compassion, and it's channeled through a Libra Ascendant, which is a sign that has a heightened awareness of other people, so Brooklyn, although highly individualistic, can channel that sensitivity easily into helping others.

Mom Victoria has some sincere tendencies toward gratitude and sharing with others as well. Venus (relating to others, personal values) is conjunct Jupiter (expansion, generosity) in the compassionate sign of Pisces, and these two planets rest on son Brooklyn's Pisces Sun, so mom tends to bring out the soft spots in him where giving is concerned. Not only that, but Brooklyn's Sun is in the 6th house, a house of work and service and it's connected to Mars by a trine (a comfortable connection) so he's more willing to put his empathy (Pisces) to work (6th house) and act on (Mars) his desires to give.

When it comes to matters of being 'in the public eye', we look to the Midheaven, the beginning of the 10th house, which has no planets in it but is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a sign that is built to nurture, shelter, and protect, among other things, so this echoes the already building case for a budding philanthropist. As he develops his Leo North Node in the 11th house, he'll be learning how to let his own joy and creativity be part of his gift to the world, and a voice within it.
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