Thursday, July 29, 2010

Venus Kids: Let's Be Friends!

In a recent blog entry, Famecrawler suggested some "perfect playdates" for some celebrity kids. Suri Cruise and Zahara Jolie-Pitt should play together, it was suggested, because they are both girly girls and would love to play dress up. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale should be pals because they could both do boy things (since Shiloh loves to be 'just one of the guys'). Jennifer Lopez's twins Emme and Max should get along fabulously with Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt (hmm...are we seeing a pattern here...? or perhaps a PITTern...?) because, well, they're twins, and they're all 2 years old.

But Mademoiselle Kiddie knows there's a lot more to getting along than sparkly dresses and a twin sibling! While relationships can be ever so complicated, astrology's Venus can light the way to compatibility and getting along. So would these pairings really work, astrologically speaking?

Suri & Zahara
Suri's Venus is in Pisces, with Uranus very close by, in her first house. She may like the idea or fantasy of a best bud and can be pretty flexible up to a point with what her playmate wants to do, but Uranus is a very independent planet, and in the first house, Suri likes to be in charge (not to mention her Aries Sun!)

Zahara's Venus is in Sagittarius, with Mercury pretty close to it. She's going to be pretty easy going when it comes to making friends, since Sagittarius tends to be a sign that's not too picky or particular. She may enjoy friends that like to chat, and she'll always love to be on the go.

So is this a friend match? Strictly speaking, Pisces and Sagittarius are square to each other, which is a difficult pairing. Pisces tends to be more gentle and Sagittarius more bold, so it's quite possible that Zahara's style of relating could feel overwhelming to Suri, who might cope by distancing herself and doing her own thing (Uranus, 1st house).

Shiloh and Kingston
Since they were born so close together, Shiloh and Kingston both have Venus in Aries. They both will have a natural style of relating that is bold and direct, without a lot of caution or treading lightly. They may like to roughhouse with each other, and tease in their playing. However, they both have a square to Mars in Cancer, which can be challenging. If one hurts the other's feelings, there may be a tendency to sulk in the corner or go home in a huff, but if they really like each other, they'll bounce back (Aries) quite easily. Sounds like a good match!

Max & Emme and Vivienne & Knox
Max and Emme have Venus in Aquarius. They are likely to relate to really interesting characters, kids that have something unique or interesting about them. They also have Venus close to Mercury, and Aquarius is an air sign, both of which heighten the mental and communicative function of relationships. They aren't into the mushy stuff, but they will certainly have an entertaining time if they're free to experiment, even if it's with their friend and their friend's reactions!

Vivienne & Knox have Venus in Cancer, which is a tender sign. They are likely to be very affectionate and loving in their style of relating with their friends, always wanting to take care of them. They are likely to show great hospitality, inviting them over for tea parties and giving them gifts and hugs.

This is a pairing with not a lot in common. Aquarius is a more curious and intellectual energy while Cancer is a more feeling and soft energy. Max and Emme may be bewildered when something they did unintentionally hurts Vivienne and Knox's feelings, and Vivienne and Knox may be confused by Max and Emme's seeming indifference to some of their loving gestures.

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(Compatibility is a much more complex issue than just Venus sign to Venus sign, though! Mademoiselle Kiddie believes anyone can find a way to connect if they so desire).
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