Sunday, April 25, 2010

Venus & Kiddie Style

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Venus is the planet of love & beauty, just like it's goddess namesake. We humans are usually pretty caught up in all that love stuff, so it's sometimes easy to forget that by looking at Venus our charts, we can find out so much about our personal style and decorative preferences: how we like to decorate our homes and especially our bodies. It is our Venus sign that reveals what we find beautiful, and how we go about making ourselves beautiful and appealing to others (or ourselves!) 

See how different Venus signs can express themselves in fashion with these celebri-tots Venus signs:

Suri Cruise:Venus in Pisces
With her Venus in Pisces, Suri is going to love the flowing dresses and beautiful colors. Fantasy is a strong love of Venus in Pisces, so anything that makes her feel out of the ordinary and a little magical is for her. Playing dress-up is not only fun for her, but a real expression of her individuality, since Uranus is right on top of Venus in her chart. As we see her style evolve, she's likely to go for unusual or avant-garde things that are cutting edge - still embracing the fantasy of Pisces but a little out-of-this-world altogether. Since Grier Hammond Henchy (daughter of Brooke Shields) shares the exact same birthday as Suri, we are likely to see something similar from her as well (although Brooke says Grier is much more into the makeup!)

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt:Venus in Aries
Although she's been criticized (at such an early age, tsk!) for her tomboy looks and it's been speculated that her parents are dressing her 'like a boy' on purpose, it's likely that Shiloh's short haircut and gender-bending fashion is more her preference than her parents'. Aries is a strong and straightforward kind of energy, so it's often categorized as more 'masculine'; therefore, with Venus in Aries, Shiloh may prefer styles that aren't over the top girly and not prefer dresses or heels that might get in the way of her ability to relax and play.


Photo credits: Just Jared, INF
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