Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mommy & Me: When Two Charts Collide; Heidi Klum & Baby Lou

They say that each of us is an entire 'universe unto ourselves, but they also say that 'no man is an island.' While we all have our personal lessons to learn, our environment and relationships, especially our parental relationships, shape so much of how we experience those lessons. It is often through our dynamic with another that we come to know ourselves in the deepest ways. Throughout February, Mademoiselle Kiddie will be focusing on how celebrity parents and children get along and what they have to teach each other by sharing highlights from their chart connections.

Heidi Klum & Lou
Lou is the most recent arrival of the Klum clan. With her south node, Mars, and Moon in Cancer, Lou has entered this world with a strong desire for security. This is something that mom, Heidi, has already observed, remarking how attached Lou is to her still and that they are a ‘package deal, especially while Lou won’t take a bottle. Children with a great deal of Cancer energy long to feel safe and cared for with intensity, sheltered in a feeling of home and hearth. Stability in the home and family will be especially important for Lou, who also has Taurus Rising, a sign that, among other things, enjoys a sense of predictability and routine in life to allow them to relax into this business of living.

While Heidi's love for Lou will no doubt be over the moon, the intensity of Lou's attachment may be bewildering for an uber Gemini like Heidi (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mercury). Geminis need a lot of room to move and to experiment with whatever catches their interest, often off in several directions at once while even more schemes and ideas percolate in their minds. Tim Gunn, who has worked with Heidi on the popular television show Project Runway, has spoken of her as a "Superwoman" because she always has so many projects going on simultaneously.

It may be difficult for Heidi to adjust to Lou's need for reassurance and attention, but if she can stretch, Lou will benefit immensely from the effort. While Lou will be learning a sense of independence and self-sufficiently, she will most easily be able to do that if she feels like she's got a strong foundation of love and stability underneath her. Sudden changes, whether it be in diet, living situations, or family relationships, will take Lou longer to adjust than perhaps other members of her family, including Heidi, who is exceptionally adaptable.

Patience and encouragement will go a long way with Lou, who in turn will shower her loved ones with love and care. Lou has an abundance of love to give and will greatly enjoy not only feeling cared for, but taking care of her loved ones. If Heidi and her family can give her an outlet for her own desire to nurture, Lou will really be able to blossom and find pride and confidence in herself. No doubt her entire family will always appreciate her sweet and giving nature.
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