Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Astrology: Tiger Woods, Elin, Sam Alexis, and baby Charlie Axel

Tiger Woods issued an apology in a press conference today, for infidelities to his wife, Elin, which was made public in late 2009. It is unfortunate that such a private issue is made public, especially when children are involved and too young to understand but still susceptible to the impact of public scrutiny.

Synastry, the astrological technique of comparing two or more charts by overlaying them on each other, is an ancient technique. Comparing moms to babies as Mlle. Kiddie has done all month is done using this technique. But another unique technique exists, one that has only been used in the last century or so, called the Composite technique. A composite chart is done by taking two or more charts and smashing them together to create one chart, a chart which represents the group as a whole. Just like a natal chart represents how a single person can grow and develop in all areas of their life to live as a healthy and whole person, a composite chart represents how a group can accomplish the same thing: get the needs of the group met so that it can function successfully.

Composite charts are often constructed between just two people, but families also have a chart. To the left is the composite chart of the Woods family, which can reveal many things including how they can go forward together and what lessons they are being asked to learn together.

The Sun in a family composite chart represents the vitality of the family, what they need to base their solid center on in order to be a cohesive group. With their Mercury and the Sun so close together, communication is a vital component of this group's center of sanity. Good communication will keep them on the same page instead of flying off in different directions with no central purpose. In the sign of Pisces, compassionate communication, kindness, and empathy will be important. Speaking to each other gently but clearly will be the key, as well as one of the most important components that Pisces can teach: forgiveness. 

Saturn is in the opposite place as the Sun and Mercury, which represents what the family will have to practice and work on because it may not come naturally, so skills will have to be learned, and continual effort made. With Saturn opposite the Sun and Mercury, this compassionate communication may be challenging. While both Tiger and Elin have Capricorn Suns and therefore are learning how to manage a sense of  personal integrity and appropriate obligation and duty independently, all members of the Woods family have prominent planetary placements in their chart that indicate a desire for freedom, including Tiger's Sagittarius Moon and Gemini Mars, which does not like to feel limited. Managing commitment so that it can feel like a shelter rather than a prison is important for both parents, but with the entire family having marked needs for individual freedom, coming together as a group and simply letting each other know how they feel and where they're at will be important and perhaps not second nature. Jupiter in Capricorn reveals that their potential to grow as a family will be supported by right relationship with the commitments they've made to each other, and create and reach specific goals that help them to do that.

Interestingly, the family's South Node is in Gemini, which indicates (among other things) a tendency to disperse and diffuse their energies. With a North Node in Sagittarius, this family needs to move toward forming a central belief and purpose, to shoot like one bright star toward what sustains them, rather than off in all directions. With Venus in the same place as the North Node, the goal here is to develop a sustaining belief around relationship, establishing ways to feel connected to each other, but in Sagittarius fashion, which is without suffocating each other.

Here's to growing together!

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