Friday, February 05, 2010

Honor Marie Warren: the 'Terrible Twos'

Jessica Alba recently revealed that Honor's favorite word is no. During an interview on Live with Regis & Kelly, she said it's gotten so extreme that she uses reverse psychology! 

If you've been a parent of a toddler, you've been there. It's been commonly dubbed as the 'terrible twos', although many parents observe that it happens as early as 18 months and again just after age 3. While everyone is unique and has a unique birth chart that reflects the sky at the time of their birth, there are common milestones that we all share as part of growing up. The first cycle we experience is the return of the moon (a lunar return) to the place it was at the time of our birth, which happens when we're about a month old. The second cycle is the return of the sun (a solar return), which happens when we're about a year old. Of course, these cycles continue to happen, every month and every year, respectively, but the first time we experience a return of a planet is the most intense. We tend to feel a surge of the energy that the planet symbolizes in our lives and begin to work more directly with that energy and what it represents.

Guess what planet returns for the first time at around 18 months?* Mars, in mythology known as the God of War. Mars represents our power, our will, our strength (including physical strength), our passions, the way we handle conflict, and the way we defend ourselves. When children experience this energy returning for the first time, they get a surge of this juice, and the easiest way for a child to relate to this feeling is to learn the word NO! No sets a boundary, a defense; it is a way for the child to communicate their will. Because children live in a world that is almost entirely controlled for them, where their privileges are dictated to them (by loving parents, of course), their best and most likely way to start experimenting and exercising their own sense of power is to defend against what they don't want. It's healthy and necessary of course, but it certainly requires a lot of patience on the part of the parent! 

The good news is, the intensity typically relaxes, but it looks like Jessica has got a strong willed child on her hands, which is not a bad thing! Honor's Mars is in Leo, conjunct (right next to) her south node. Leo is a fixed sign, and a sign that is about, in part, self-expression. Leo is learning not to be afraid to take up space, and to be heard by expressing themselves, whether it be creatively or just revealing their desires. With Mars here, and because the strength of the south node combined with it, Honor is going to be very comfortable with the "No" word, and comfortable expressing her strong will. Over time, she's going to learn to work with her Gemini Sun, Mercury, and Venus to help her learn flexibility and cooperation without sacrificing her will.

In the meantime, Mlle. Kiddie wishes much luck and patience to Jessica!

*The Sun and Moon return pretty much like clockwork, but due to retrograde motion, a phenomenon that gives an illusion of a planet seeming to move backward in its orbit, the other planets will have a wider variance in their dates of return in individual cases. Some might have a return at 18 months, others at 21, but the variance is small.

Photo Credit: Frederico Allende/Broadimage
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