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Mommy & Me: When Two Charts Connect; Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise

They say that each of us is an entire 'universe unto ourselves, but they also say that 'no man is an island.' While we all have our personal lessons to learn, our environment and relationships, especially our parental relationships, shape so much of how we experience those lessons. It is often through our dynamic with another that we come to know ourselves in the deepest ways. Throughout February, Mademoiselle Kiddie will be focusing on how celebrity parents and children get along and what they have to teach each other by sharing highlights from their chart connections.
Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise
It's common in pop astrology to think that, in order to be 'compatible', two people must share the same sign or complimentary signs in the same element (fire, air, earth, or water). More often, though, it is the sheer number of connections between two charts, and therefore two people, that really reveals the glue between people. Love each other or hate each other, but when charts are connected in many places, the people will be as well, if they enter into relationship.
In the case of Katie and Suri, there certainly are connections, which is never surprising for the charts of parents and children, but they are strongly linked by multiple connections between their charts. They both have fire Suns and Moons, with Suri's Moon and Katie's Sun being in the same sign and in the same place (conjunct) in Sagittarius. Katie's sense of being centered and whole (Sun) is reinforced and supported by Suri's presence in her life, as well as giving her a stable sense of identity. Suri will probably be very protective of Katie, since Katie stirs 'lunar' feelings in Suri. When someone connects to our moon, we feel like we want to nurture and protect them. The feeling will be rather mutual, though, obviously since Katie is in the mothering role, but also because while Katie's Sun connects to Suri's Moon, the reverse is also true, making this bond doubly strong. 

Their Ascendants are exactly opposite each other, which is again, another strong bond, even though they are opposed (in opposite places) each other instead of conjunct (in the same place). Katie approaches the world with Leo Rising, which brings with it a desire to reveal oneself to the world by expressing our true selves out into it (or, when feeling vulnerable to criticism or ridicule, hiding behind an aloof facade). Suri approaches the world with Aquarius Rising, which is a sort of dispassionate observer of the world, standing apart from it. Both signs desire to explore and express their individuality, but in opposing manners. As Suri grows up, they will both need to learn to respect each other's different styles and interface with the world and it's in this way that Suri will probably assert her individuality and difference with her mom.

Both mom and daughter have Venus and Uranus conjunct in complimentary signs Pisces and Scorpio. While Katie has more of a raw edge when she really expresses her sense of style freely (the dark glasses, blunt haircut, contrasting colors), Suri has already expressed her desire for fantasy in her fashion sense, and while one can expect a certain amount of that because of her youth, we will see that sense of fantasy and dreaminess translate as she grows. However, both gals will find art and fashion (Venus) the easiest and most enjoyable outlets to express their individuality (Uranus). 
This will also translate into their choices in love. Katie's partnership with Tom was rather unexpected due to their age difference at the very least, and Mlle. Kiddie will not be surprised to see Suri choosing unusual partners in a similar or different fashion in her adulthood. This is one way to express a sense of freedom - the freedom to do whatever feels true for one self, no matter what it looks like, that's Uranus. They will likely understand each others  need to follow their heart when it comes to love and fashion! What more could a daughter ask for?

All in all, the connections and the love between these two are and will always be strong, as well as a need for the freedom to express their own individuality in their relationship, which will be especially important as Suri asserts her independence.

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