Monday, January 18, 2010

Suri Cruise 'Cruises' Her Own Way, Thank You!

Mlle. Kiddie can't resist one more look at Suri Cruise's chart when it comes to her 'mah-velous' fashion sense! Already revealed is her Aquarius Ascendant, which makes her want to greet the world in a way that says I Am An Individual, but she has Neptune conjunct her Ascendant, which shows her sense of enchantment with the world of mystery, fantasy, and of course, dress up! Neptune tunes us in to the mystical side of life, stepping outside of the mundane and into possibility. Incidentally, it also makes for a great actress, because she reveals herself as ever changing, constantly dressing herself in different characters. You may think saying this is about a 3 year old is reading too much, but mais non! We will see it get even stronger as the years go by.

But not everyone with an Aquarius Ascendant has such a unique and distinct sense of fashion, not to mention enjoys showing it off like Suri does. This desire points to her very strong Venus and Uranus conjunction in Pisces. Venus is often thought of exclusively in relationships, astrologically speaking, but it's also our sense of what we find beautiful and how we express that, in fashion, style, music, etc. With Venus so tightly fused to Uranus, she expresses her sense of individuality via the outlet of beauty and art, in this case, wearable art (fashion). Again, we will see this unique and striking fashion sense just get more expressive as she grows. In Pisces, we see a desire for fantasy (just as Neptune above) and magic in what she chooses to wear, and the more dramatic and playful, the better. Pisces is a water sign, and we even see that in the flow and movement of the dresses, no, the gowns she chooses, flowing around her like a river current. It's even visible here in the photo above, with the deep greens and blues.

One more indicator in her chart about her individual style is Jupiter. Jupiter is in a square to her Ascendant, which often leads to excess and greeting the world with a sort of over the top style. Who, Suri? Nah.....

Photo credit: Fame Pictures
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