Saturday, January 23, 2010

Margaret Grace Wahlberg: a Vignette

Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea welcomed their fourth child, Margaret Grace, less than two weeks ago.

Margaret, a Capricorn, already has three older siblings: Ella (Virgo), Michael (Aries), and Brendon (Virgo), which will work out well since she'll be learning to hold her own with that Mars in Leo Rising. The placement of Mars in our natal chart shows what are passions are and how we chase after them. With Mars in Leo, she has a great passion to express herself, to be seen, noticed, and appreciated. Her Sagittarius Moon in the 5th house echoes this desire, but brings a more playful and adventurous component. Look out world, a star is born!

Her Sun, Venus, and North Node are all closely tied together in her 6th house, in the sign of Capricorn. There is no doubt that she's come to learn the value of work, and not just getting your hands dirty, but learning how to make goals and make the steady effort to achieve those goals. With Venus here, it's quite likely that she will get a lot of help and encouragement from older and more experienced mentors, and will become a great one herself as she gets older, if she chooses to develop her skills. Her Mars Rising will also help fuel her ambition with a tendency to run toward life as fast as possible! From Margaret's Kiddiegram Report:

Mars in the First House

     "Do it!" and "Go for it!" are Margaret Grace's mottoes, and she's impatient with long-drawn-out explanations or efforts to dissuade her.  She's bold and always wants to be FIRST (which can irritate her siblings and peers).  She stands up for herself, so she may sometimes be seen as a fighter or a troublemaker.

Photo: Flynet
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