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Mommy & Me: When Two Charts Collide, Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck

They say that each of us is an entire 'universe unto ourselves,' but they also say that 'no man is an island.' While we all have our personal lessons to learn, our environment and relationships, especially our parental relationships, shape so much of how we experience those lessons. It is often through our dynamic with another that we come to know ourselves in the deepest ways. Throughout February, Mademoiselle Kiddie will be focusing on how celebrity parents and children get along and what they have to teach each other.

Mom Jennifer and daughter Violet
One of the most striking features about Violet's chart is that both her Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius in her 6th house, as well as Pluto. Sagittarius is an energy that likes to expand in all directions, and as quickly as possible. It's a fire sign, so it inherently has a lot of enthusiasm for gobbling life up (just like fire consumes its fuel). With this energy in 6th house activities, Violet is likely going to be very focused on her growth, always wanting to do more and be more, stretching toward her potential as it simultaneously reaches for her. This is a wonderful thing and with a trine to her Saturn in the 2nd house, she'll be able to manage some, but possibly not all of her tendency to jump in with both feet, getting easily and frequently in over her head.

With Pluto also in the 6th house, she may carry with her a fear of being insignificant or small, a sort of 'low man on the totem pole' fear. So she can be prone to taking her natural hunger to run as fast as she can toward her growth and fueling it with the fear that she'll never be good enough, that she'll always be the one in the trenches, supporting others' greatness but never reaching her own.

This is where mom Jennifer can come in and give her a different perspective. When two people come together, their charts also come together. By studying how their charts interact with each other, we can glean clues from how people in that relationship may come together, and therefore good clues as to how to enhance those interactions to be as mutually beneficial as they can be. Jennifer's four planets in Gemini, when placed in an interactive way with Violet's chart, land in Violet's 12th house, which is opposite the 6th house experience. The 12th house is where we learn to gain a sense of timelessness because we have a spiritual perspective. In the mundane world, we are measured by time, money, achievement.

These are all measurable things and good things, but we can forget the wisdom of Spirit, which knows that all things will happen in their own time, and all difficulties eventually pass, as the cycles of our lives unfold. Violet can be vulnerable to going all directions at once and overworking herself, and Jennifer can help her by asking her challenging questions that get her to not only think about why she's doing what she's doing, but if there could be another way of looking at something (Gemini) and therefore getting a larger perspective and not getting so caught up in whatever is gripping you at the moment and consuming you. This can help Violet be more gentle with herself as she strives for greatness, and enable her to patient wit herself.

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