Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marcia Gay Harden a Godmother!

Marcia Gay Harden has been named the Godmother to Carnival Dream, the latest cruise ship in Carnival Cruise Lines and a very family friendly ship. Marcia got involved because of her appreciation for the millions of dollars Carnival Cruise Lines has donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. “Kids are an issue that’s close to me,” she explains. “I love, love, love children.” Marcia has four children of her own, Thaddeus, Eulala, and twins Julitta and Hudson.

Marcia's chart reveals her innate sense of duty as well as her desire to nurture. Her moon (what we love, protect, and nurture) is in the 6th house of work and obligation. Her moon is also in the sign of Sagittarius, which is an energy that often feels an interest and connection with world issues. Saturn is close to her moon in Capricorn, which reveals how seriously she takes her sense of duty to protect and take care of those who need it on a larger scale. Her moon is also in a trine, a favorable connection, with her Pisces Midheaven, which further emphasizes of how important she feels that we recognize that we are all connected to one another.

The moon is also especially strong in her chart because it is the ruler of her chart. The ruler of one's chart is usually determined by the planet that has the strongest affinity with the sign on the Ascendant, in Marcia's case, Cancer. Cancer energy is protective and nurturing, like the moon, so Marcia greets the world with a Cancer 'lens', with a heightened awareness of what needs protecting to begin with. What a great example for the rest of us! Mlle. Kiddie would love to hear how you are helping. Please feel free to share and comment!
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