Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Madonna Have Mercy" Adoption Hearing Monday

E-Online's lead "Madonna Have Mercy" for their news story on Madonna's second adoption attempt says it all. A Malawian grandmother of a second child from Malawi that Madonna hopes to adopt has asked that Madonna be stopped from adopting her granddaughter, Mercy. Madonna is shown here with her adopted son David taken in 2007 (Reuters Photo) He was officially adopted by Guy Ritchie and Madonna in 2008 months before their divorce.

The four year old was put in the orphanage that okayed the adoption after her Mom died when Mercy was five days old. Her schoolboy father is said to have died of Aids. The adoption hearing is on Monday.

The adoption has been in the works for nineteen months. Many Malawians had suggested that David Banda, adopted when he was under two should have a Malawi sibling but one whose adoption would have the approval of the people of the impoverished African nation. David's adoption had been controversial because of the fact that his father is alive and still wishes a connection to him.

The Little Libran David Banda is now three Madonna and Guy adopted him when he was 13 months from Malawi. His birth father Yohane is in Malawi, although David was actually born September 24, 2005 in his grandparents mud hut in Zambia about six miles from Chimala Village where his Mom (who died shortly after his birth ) was born.

Perhaps in the adoption hearing on Monday, we will hear the birth details of Mercy James as Madonna makes her bid.

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