Sunday, March 01, 2009

'I May Be Big But My Mom Is Minnie"

Aquarius Mum Minnie Driver was glimpsed departing Detroit Add Imageafter work on a film in Michigan, Betty Ann Waters.

Her little Virgo and intrepid traveling son Henry Story Driver is now five months old. An additional close up photo of this charming child so much bigger than the child Ellen DeGeneres did the cute onesie for ("I May Be Big But My Mom Is Minnie") just a few month ago-can be found on taken by Todd G/Splash News who took this photo.

Mlle Kiddie of Kiddiegram notes, from his solar chart a number of Jupiter aspects in Henry's Kiddie Star Signs Chart Wheel.

Since Kiddie Star Signs emphasizes the fun entertaining side of celebrity kids charts, Mlle Kiddie discloses this child's four Jupiter (The Planet of Luck) aspects from his Kiddiegram report.

Sun trine Jupiter
It may seem that life is always on Henry's side, and that Fortune smiles on him more than on most people. Mostly that stems from the fact the he does not worry a lot and he seems always to expect everything to turn out well for him. He is generous and large-spirited, and the world responds to him in kind. The only drawback is that he may not be inclined to push himself, to work hard, or to be very motivated to develop the gifts and opportunities he has.
Jupiter trine Saturn
As a child, Henry is apt to have an unusual degree of maturity, composure, poise, and conscientiousness, which makes him something of a favorite amongst his elders. One of the ways in which he seeks to grow is through learning and carrying on a tradition. Useful skills passed on by a parent or grandparent will be highly valued and carried forward by him.

Mercury square Jupiter
Henry may have trouble focusing on details, specifics, and the technical aspect of any subject. His study habits may be sloppy, and disciplining his mind to concentrate for long periods of time does not come easily to him. He does enjoy learning through discussion, direct experience, and meeting people from foreign cultures. A strong interest in traveling, philosophy, religion, or other subjects that give one a long-range perspective

Venus square Jupiter
Henry has a cheerful, friendly, generous disposition that wins him many friends. He is sociable and loves to entertain and have a lot of his friends around. He also has a taste for quality or luxury, and he is inclined to overindulge in comforts, festivities, and good times.
To see where Jupiter is in your child's chart wheel by sign and house and if they have any Jupiter aspects, get a gram! Or pick up one of Mlle Kiddie's Mousepads at her Kiddie cafe.

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