Sunday, March 15, 2009

Normal Names for Charlie Sheen's Baby Einsteins

Virgo Charlie Sheen (Carlos Irwin Estevez) and his wife Brooke Mueller have welcomed twin boys this weekend. Born on Einstein's birthday Bob and Max arrived Saturday night in Los Angeles at an undisclosed hospital.

Sheen has daughters with ex-wife Denoise Richards, Lola who turns five in June and Sam who turned five just this last week.

He also has a 24year old daughter Cassandra Jade Estevez (December 12, 1985) with an former girlfriend Paula Profit. (photo credit)

Since the little boys were born in the evening, their guesttimate chart reveals that their Sun is in the sign of Pisces and that their Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. One doesn't have to be an Einstein to know that these double water sign boys are going to teach their Dad a lot about the world of feelings. And Sheen's names have brought normal back to the celebrity baby name game with two three letter words, Max and Bob!

To check out an earth sign Dad's interactions with a water sign child visit

The water-sign child is rarely the easiest for an earth-sign parent to understand. Earth-signs have a certain hardiness and solidness about them, and compared to the sensitive water-signs they are not easily affected by their environment. They can be quite untouched by situations that upset or deeply affect the water-sign child, and can respond very matter-of-factly or indifferently to the watery child's emotional reactions

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