Monday, March 09, 2009

Tugooh Toys: Toys R 4 Dad & US: Zahara & Shiloh

Tugooh Toys in Georgetown , Washington became the favored small business over the weekend when Dad Brad Pitt brought daughters Zahara and Shiloh in to shop the shelves! The owners also run a very upscale organic children's clothing stores calle
Yiro. They have two Tugooh Toy stores in the area. They also run a conceirge service.
The girls exited wearing sunglasses and wearing watches (check out the photos on Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Gemini Mom Angelina Jolie is in town filming a CIA thriller and Sagittarius Dad Brad Pitt (photo from Brad Pitt has been making the political rounds lobbying for humanitarian projects earlier in the week but daddy daughter day had him on Daddy duty taking his Capricorn (Zahara) and Gemini (Shiloh) daughters on a very fun playdate for an in store Toy Story adventure!
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