Friday, February 27, 2009

First Concert, First Birthday, First Lawsuit: J Lo's Twins

Jennifer Lopez and Pisces twins Max and Emme took the stage with paterfamilias Marc Antony just before his sold out Valentine's Day concert at Madison Square Garden. Some 14,000 fans saw the happy family.

The fraternal twins turned one the next Sunday the night of the Oscars.

On Wednesday in a February filled with firsts, their supercouple parents filed suit in a California court against Silver Cross LTD charging the firm infringed on their celebrity status by publicizing their product by showing a picture of the couple walking the twins in the firm's super expensive strollers in their marketing and publicity. The couple is asking for 30 Million dollars and say that the usage of their photo on the company's web site and in ads using the family to promote the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram carriage " “in various print and electronic media and newsletters,”" was a trademark infringement.

The twins born eleven minutes apart have Moons in Virgo and Scorpio risings. Their Dad is a Virgo and their Mom a Leo. To see how fire-sign J-Lo relates to her more earthbound children, check out Kiddiegram's Parent/Child Interactive feature .
(photo of the family from Celebrity Baby Blog)

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